Empowered by our valued clients, we perform pleading, advocacy and representation before all legitimate courts; administrative courts, Banking Dispute Settlement Body, labor societies, Commercial Document Dispute Settlement Office, customs committees, Securities Dispute Settlement Committee, Zakat Tax committees, Insurance Dispute Settlement Committee, arbitration bodies and other judicial bodies in the following claims:


1. Commercial Claims

▪ Corporate claims and related disputes over contracts with other companies, or disagreements amongst parties themselves.

▪ Commercial document claims (checks, promissory notes, bonds).

▪ Fraud claims.

▪ Commercial agency claims.

▪ Trademark and trade titles objection and defense claims for institutions, companies, intellectual property and patents.

▪ Customs and customs clearance claims.

▪ Contracting claims.

▪ Brokerage claims.


2. Banking Claims

Empowered by our valued clients; individuals, companies and financial institutions (banks), our office provides the following:

▪ Advise on all banking and finance regulations.

▪ Pleading and advocacy before the Banking Dispute Settlement Committee.


3. Administrative Claims

The activity of our office is represented in the field of administrative law to provide legal advice, advocacy and defense in administrative claims in which one party is a governmental body, through the following:

• Representation of clients in claims related to contracts with governmental bodies.

• Advocacy in damage claims against governmental bodies.


4. Legitimate (civil) Claims

We, thank God, have proved our efficiency in this type of claims as we advocated before all courts in its various grades, giving us the experience and skills that helped us to provide the best services to our clients as their representative before all legal courts in any disputes in the jurisdiction of these courts, such as real estate claims, inheritance claims, etc., which are the jurisdiction of the legal courts.


5. Labor Claims

This division includes lawyers and advisors with outstanding experience and skills to represent clients before the competent judicial authorities (The Primary Body for the Settlement of Labor Disputes, High Commission for the Settlement of Labor Disputes) in any disputes that arise amongst institutions and their employees.


6. Insurance Claims

Since the insurance is covering most aspects of our daily life in Saudi Arabia, whether in personal, business or other matters, and in the light of the expanded and increased number of licenses granted to companies to work in this area, we believed that we have to provide legal services based on specialization to ensure the rights of contract parties. Such services provided by us shall include:


1) Revision of insurance contracts and policies concluded between businesses or individuals and insurance companies to reach a regular and legitimate formula and framework to ensure the rights of each party.

2) Providing consultancy in disputes arising from the application of insurance contracts regarding its content.

3) Filing claims and pleading before the competent judicial authorities in the event of a dispute.